Why ‘Church Blogmatics?’

The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is facing some interesting times ahead. Between the charismatic renewal, organic churches and the emerging church the church in Western culture is in transition. ultimately, I believe the church is God’s eternal purpose in the earth. The church is that beautiful bride comprised of brothers and sisters in Christ as a community reflecting the divine holy love of the Trinity. I believe in one holy catholic apostolic church but not as traditionally understood. This shift in understanding leads to the blogmatics aspect.

In light of these changes facing the church, how do we as brothers and sisters in Christ, respond to the ever changing landscape of culture, technology and life in general? How do live by a life not our own? What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ in today’s world? How does one seek the Kingdom of God in the present tense? What is the relation of the church to the world and God’s Kingdom? How should the church relate to the world? These questions, among many others, will frame this dialog. Hopefully a space can be opened to address the Christian faith, in belief and practice, that can hold to dogma without being inflexible. I consider myself somewhat emergent but also somewhat dogmatic. Certain fundamentals of Christian faith I cannot shake, yet I do want to communicate the message of the cross of Christ in terms of today’s culture. So this is the tension I find myself in and I continue to wonder, ‘why?’

Grace and peace,


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