Sheep, Goats and Osama bin Laden

Over this past week, I have had time to reflect on the various responses to the death of Osama bin Laden. From the joyous chanting to the somber expression, his death has evoked a wide-ranging spectrum. Two posts really got me thinking about radical Christian responses. The first from Tripp Fuller at Homebrewed Christianity. The second from Kurt Willem at The Pangea Blog. If you have a few minutes check them out. Both of these posts really shook me out of a nice tidy reading of the life of Christ (and what it means to follow him) that many Americans want to embrace.

As a Christian, whether you rejoiced or mourned Osama’s death, did you pray for him? If for some weird reason, he showed up at your church service, how would you respond? Would you love him? If he was hungry would you feed him? Thirsty? In need of shelter? Naked? In Prison? Sick? I think you can see where this is going. If you or I had the opportunity to do it, would we? Are we sheep or goats? Read Matthew 25:31-46 again.

I’ll admit, this might be stretching the limits of that parable then again maybe not. It seems that is what parables are meant to do. To stretch us beyond our comfort zone and show us the possibility for the Kingdom of God in our life. Are we willing to embrace this radical grace that has been extended to us to embody this divine reality? I am sure there will be protests to this, but before you do, recognize that you too, at one point in your life, were an enemy of God…

Grace and peace,


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